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Approvals, international standards and conformities about COMAT and MULTICOMAT Relays


SEV, CSA, cURus, CE, GL/LR, SETI, CCC, PCT, D, FI, S, N, Railway, Demko, Nemko, VDE, Semko.

SEV, CSA, cURus, CE, GL/LR, SETI, CCC, PCT, D, FI, S, N, Seismisch, Demko, Nemko, VDE, Semko Approbations, Approvals and standards about COMAT and MULTICOMAT Relays

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Lists created by Comat:

Approvals UL (copy of the files):

Approvals Lloyd's Register (copy of the files):

COMAT and MULTICOMAT Relays, data sheets and product information.

General information and description about COMAT and MULTICOMAT Relays.

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